Planning Board and Information

    2016 - Town Planning Board

      Chairman: Joseph Sibiga

      Members: James Leverich , Anthony Carminati , Katherine Parr,
                         Christopher McInerney, Stephen Bobik, Travis   Coddington

    2016 - Planning Board Meetings

      Regular meetings are normaly on the second Thursday of each month,
      at the Town of Denning Town Hall:

      2016 Monthly Meeting Schedule:
          January 14th at 6PM
          February 11th at 6PM
          March 10th at 6PM
          April 14th at 7PM
          May 12th at 7PM
          June 9th at 7PM
          July 14th at 7PM
          August 11th at 7PM
          September 8th at 7PM
          October 13th at 7PM
          November 10th at 6PM
          December 8th at 6PM

    2015 - Planning Board Resolutions

      Planning Board Resolution #1 of 2015.
          Approval and filing Christopher G. Mooney Subdivision
              SBL's: 42-3-1, 42-3-2, 42-3-3, 42-3-4, 42-3-9

    2009/12 - Planning Board Resolutions

      Planning Board Resolution #2 of 2012.
          Approval and filing Carol Ramsay Subdivision SBL: 58.-1-24.100

      Planning Board Resolution #1 of 2011.
          Approval and filing of the "Old Farm Subdivision" SBL: 50.2-2-1.

      Planning Board Resolution #2 of 2009.
          Property being purchased by the DEP. - Town SBL: 58-1-23 - (DEP ID #5458).

      Planning Board Resolution #1 of 2009.
          Proposal for Agreement on Matters Not Subject to Review by Ulster County Planning Board.

    2010 - Land Use Committee Ongoing Informational Posts.
            (Revise Zoning Project to Update Denning's Land Use Codes)

                          >> Link to more information.

      Last regular meeting: Monday - June 4, 2012 at the Denning Town Hall at 7PM

      Next regular meeting: Monday - June 18, 2012 at the Denning Town Hall at 7PM

      Notes: __________________________________

      A Public Outreach Meeting was held on Saturday morning, April 12, 2008.
      (Thank you for your valued input...)

      The Land Use Codes Committee held a Public Hearing, Saturday, August 15, 2009
      at the Claryville Volunteer Fire Department Community Hall, 1500 Denning Road,
      Claryville, N.Y. 12725 (Thank you again for your valued input...)
      We have been working on the code ever since then and will have a new draft soon.
      A public hearing will follow.

    Joy Ann Monforte
    Town Clerk